Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dreamworld Minerals Haul

I thought I scheduled this post but looks like I haven't coz I saw it in draft form. Well, here's myDreamworld Minerals haul which I got a few weeks ago. I took advantage of their sale (I think it was 20% off) and I needed a few things.

First off the finishing powders in clay/silica. It's probably the upteenth time I've said that this is my HG finishing powder and it still is that's why I got back-ups. I got Creme Toppings To Go Duos in Peanut Butter, Angel, Peach (all back-ups) and Raspberry which I haven't tried yet.

Another thing I got is the Foundation Pigment Base which is untinted. I needed it to lighten the foundation mix I did. I accidentally put in too much Amenti base (yellow/olive base) and the shade ended up a bit too dark for me.

Because the shipping took a bit longer due to personal stuff going on, Ellie of Dreamworld put in gifts for all her customers. In my package she gave a full size blush in Tabby and sample pigments in Other World and Noir.

blush in Tabby


Tabby is a beatiful shade of peachy-pink blush that is not shimmery or sparkly. It has a sheen that is very pretty on the cheek and I've used it a few times. Buildable if you want it darker but otherwise a light hand should be used. Other World is a very light blue when applied and Noir is a very nice purple. Both have shimmer in them although I haven't tried them on my lids yet.

I guess I will never tire of their Finishing Powders. I still aim to get all the shades even if I currently have 8. I don't have a full size Butter Creme and Chocolate Creme yet. Oh, and I still haven't tried the Whipped Strawberries either. Next time.

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