Thursday, July 30, 2009

Garnier Pure Pore Unblock Foam

One of my HG facial soaps is Garnier's Pure Unblock Foam from their Pure line. I started using the trial size a few months ago which I got for less than Php 50. I really liked it's effect on my skin and now I am onto the 100ml full size which I got for around Php 130.

Just like my other HG Aveeno Clear Complexion Foaming Cleanser, it has salicylic acid which helps keep my skin clear especially from blackheads in the nose area. Even if it says "foam" it's not really a foaming cleanser. The texture once squeezed out from the tube is like cake icing. It is a pale blue soap with tiny blue beads. The "purifying microbeads" don't really do anything for me since it's not a scrub and there is a different product for that (which I haven't tried). The scent is refreshing, not floral and not fruity either but a light clean scent.

It does sting the eyes like hell so I keep my eyes closed while washing my face. It doesn't dry out my oily skin and doesn't leave a greasy film either. I use this in the morning and my Aveeno one at night.

I will continue using this because it is easy on the pocket and works for me.

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