Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Finally, my own dresser

Two weeks ago, I asked the carpenter to make a dresser for me with my own measurements and specifications. I put together ideas from different dresser pictures I saw. Since my space was very limited I had to maximize it with lots of storage. Here's what it looks like, unvarnished:


It was made in just 3 days! It's been sitting in the garage for more than 1 week coz there was no available person to varnish it :-(

Photo above with all compartments open. It's only 5ft. tall. The mirror wasn't attached yet as it hasn't been varnished. There's only a single light since the mirror space is small (cord is on top). The lower left is a chair with wheels and it can be opened for more storage space. I don't have a foam to put on it yet.

Total damage for the dresser(labor and materials): less than P3,750 (around $75).


At last, my dresser is now done! I found someone to varnish it as I almost made it a DIY project. I thought it would be simple to do. The expert did it in 3 days! The varnishing cost more than having it made.

Cost of labor and varnish materials: P4000 (around $80)

Total cost: P7,750 ($155)

Here's what it looks like now:

I still haven't put in all my stuff coz I need to figure out where and what to put in.

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