Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mail Day and Swatches

This mail day came a week ago but I wasn't able to post it right away and since it's raining very hard now what better thing to do than to blog.  

From Earthen Glow Minerals (BOGO promo):

I got a full size of the Si Vous Plait Radiance Glow...

with my BOGO choice of a full size of the Finishing Powder in Golden tint.

The EG Minerals Radiance Glows are really beautiful and like Dayna's Minerals Glows which are my favorite.  They're not sparkly but give a sheen to the skin.  The more pigmented ones can stand alone as blush.  The finishing powders are like my HG Dreamworld Creme Toppings because of it's good oil control on my face.  The Golden tint is translucent like the other shades but sort of brightens up my face more.

I also got samples of the Lightly Tinted Primer and the Soon shade in Cover Me formula.  I match Helena and Yuan Yuan but felt I needed a darker shade for summer and was recommended this shade.  I've tried it and it is a bit too yellow so I mixed it with Yuan Yuan at a 50/50 ratio. It now matches perfectly as a summer shade. 

EGM was kind enough to give a freebie of a pigment since all packages were delayed in shipping out due to the high volume of orders during the sale.  I just don't know the shade since there was no name indicated, just a "thank you" sticker.

From Adorned with Grace:

All prettily wrapped and sealed with a note from the owner:

A full sized Hope 4.2 to mix with my Hope 3.8 (stupid me didn't get the duo of 2 foundations earlier to get the discount because I thought I was a straight 3.8).

I only ordered these 2 blushes...

and got these feebies included: 

This full sized eye shadow was a Blog Only special at that time I ordered - when you order a FS foundation you get a full sized shadow of your choice for FREE!


*Amar is from Makeup Masala Minerals which I posted here

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