Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque

Sorry for the lack of posts.  It's summer time (and scorching hot!) which makes me just want to go to the mall and walk around and soak in the airconditioning.

What's my HG facial mask for 2-3 years now?  It's Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque!  I know a lot of gals in the US love this mask and I do too.  Being an oily skinned, acne-prone person, this mask is very good for me because it doesn't break me out (yeah, some masks did break me out) and heals acne.

This masque is green in color and smells good...a bit minty but with something else and feels cool once on the skin.  I don't know how Mint Julep smells like so I'm assuming it's the same (just correct me if I'm wrong).


I usually use it once a week or 2x a month for my whole face by applying on a clean face then leaving it on for 30 minutes or more.  It does harden like other masks but not too hard that it would crack when you try to speak or smile.  I then proceed to wash it off and my skin feels so clean, fresh and soothed.  Yeah, it feels so soothing because I also use this after I do my own "facials" or cleaning including the removal of blackheads/whiteheads.  The Mint Julep masque prevents the raw areas from becoming zits and heals the redness of my face from the facial.

But guess what I use this most of the time for?  

I use this as my acne medicine!

Uh-huh...that's right.   Whenever I feel a new zit coming or if there are existing ones (thank God, I rarely get cystic acne now which has plaqued me since -- forever!) I just dot the mask on those areas as the last step of my nightly ritual (cleansing, toning, moisturising).   I don't mind that I have green spots on my face because when I wake up in the morning the zits are either gone or much smaller.  My daughter just laughs at me when seeing the green dots and hubby doesn't mind either (that's true love- loving someone for whatever they look like ha, ha!) coz I use it on him occasionally too.  The mask doesn't rub off on my pillows because I sleep on my back or side so that's not a problem.

I think it's the Sulfur content in the mask that helps heal acne since it's also the active ingredient in my Mario Badescu products.  Actually I stopped buying the MB Buffering Lotion because I now use this instead.  The Kaolin and Bentonite clay help in oil absorption.

The mask doesn't dry out my skin although I don't know it's effect for those with dry skin.  It says on the tube that any skin type can use it though.

The big tube that I have lasts soooo long.  At least 2 years in my case.  My first 2 tubes I got from the US and my 3rd tube I bought locally at Robinsons Galleria's department store for less than P300.  I should have hoarded more tubes because of the cheap price but I didn't because I knew how long a tube lasted for me.  Unfortunately, I couldn't find it there anymore whenever I looked for it but they have the other variants of the mask and other Queen Helene products.

This is definitely a staple in my skin care routine and I'd continue to use it as long as it works for me.


Here's a photo of me with the mask on LOL!!!!






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