Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Booth's Black Licorice Eye Cream

Booth's Black Licorice Eye Cream

What it does:  

"The delicate skin surrounding the eye area is the first place your face shows stress, fatigue and sun damage.  This non-greasy eye cream fights back with natural avocado, wheat germ oils and most importantly black licorice root.  Sodium hyaluronate delivers an intensive surge of hydration.  Signs of aging are visibly diminished, and the suppleness of younger, healthier-looking skin is instantly restored."

I've been using this eye cream every night for at least 5-6 months last year.  It feels light, goes on smooth and non-greasy.  Very little is needed for each eye as it is concentrated but is absorbed easily.  It has  a slight licorice smell that goes away and it really doesn't bother me (in fact I kind of like it).  

I did not notice any lightening on my under eye area (which is what licorice supposedly does) but it definitely moisturised.  I did not develop any other eye wrinkles either so I guess that's the positive effect of it's moisturization.  The time I've been using it, I didn't have any eye irritations.

It's not an HG eye cream either because I'm looking for one that has SPF (this one doesn't) for daytime use and at the same time has moisturizing and lightening properties.  Will continue to use this though because as you can see from the photo, I still have more than half a pot left.  I'm using a retinol cream at the moment but would probably alternate the 2 in a few months.

I got this from Drugstore.com for less than $10 a year ago and it's not available locally.

The quest for an HG eye cream continues.

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