Monday, April 13, 2009

Buff'd Moccasin

I previously tried out Buff'd in Almond but the other shade I tried which is Moccasin (medium light shade with heavier yellow undertones) seems to be a much better match. I'm confused :-)

I think I need to mix Ginger (light shade with heavier yellow undertones) with my existing Buff shade (medium with subtle yellow undertones) to make it fall into the Moccasin category.  Any other  suggestions from readers would be much appreciated.

I'm wearing Buff'd Moccasin foundation and MAC tinted lip conditioner.

Much as I like the concealing formula it seems to be a bit heavy for me the more I use it so I'm going to stick to the original formula.  Especially now that it's summer, I prefer light to medium coverage foundation (and sometimes I only use a finishing powder and the Eyeko Tinted Cream on the cheeks).

If you want to try out Buff'd they have reasonably priced samples that ship free to anywhere in the world.

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