Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Garnier Pure A Daily Moisturizer

A new product I purchased over a week ago is the Garnier Pure A Daily Mositurizer Anti-imperfection.  Well, it's not exactly new but was launched here last year.

What it does:
- treats oily skin
- refines pores
- eliminates imperfections

It contains Salicylic acid and Zinc which helps treat acne.  I got this 50 ml. tube for less than P300.  Inexpensive, huh?

The lotion is white, thin in consistency with a cucumber-like scent.  This would probably not sit well with those who prefer fragrance-free products or are allergic to scented products but the scent goes away after applying.  It is easily spread on the skin and although it says "moisturizer" on the tube, for me it's not enough to act as one.  For very humid and hot days it would work just fine.  

I like that it comes in a tube for sanitary reasons and only a thin strip of lotion gets dispensed.  In the 1 week that I've used it, I haven't noticed any decrease in pore size but it does help my oily skin somewhat by mattifying it a little bit and my face doesn't get shiny after a few hours.  Take note though that this product is different from the Garnier Pure Shine Control Moisturizer available in other countries and that I haven't seen locally yet.

It has helped heal minor irritations/bumps but is not enough for bigger ones.  I still use my Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask to spot-treat those at night.   

It would have been better if there was SPF in this product as I'm always on the lookout for 2-in-1 products for ease of use.  I still have to put a layer of sunblock on top of this.

Will I continue to buy this?  Maybe.  I haven't used it long enough to see other effects like pore size decrease but for the cheap price and the lighter moisturizing properties needed this summer, I will continue using it.

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