Sunday, December 7, 2008

VS this time...

Ack! I ordered the following thru my friend over a couple of weeks ago.  Will get them around January or February once she fills up a huge box of orders.  I could order directly thru the VS Site but the shipping fee would be $25 plus for int'l shipping!

From Victoria's Secret, Limited Edition:

**All photos from the Victoria's Secret website :-)

I got the 5 for $30 deal so I chose 3 body washes in: 1 bottle Sweet Sugar and 2 bottles Coconut Sugar.  Berry Sugar is out of stock.

1 Body Splash in Coconut Sugar (I love coconut scents!)

...and just added in a body scrub in Amber Romance to complete the 5 bottles.  

I didn't get any lotions from the LE line because I still have so many lotions here.  Literally bottles and bottles of Bath & Body Works and VS lotions (which I rarely use, all given by my cousin).

The bath & body product addiction continues.

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