Monday, December 15, 2008

Happy, happy :-)

Well, what do you know...I'm getting my Christmas wishes after all !

Ho, ho, ho!

Hubby got me a pair of shoes as an early present.  I chose the style.  I was looking for wedge sandals but couldn't find a good pair so I just got flats.  They're very soft and comfortable and not expensive.  I didn't want to get those that were too gladiator-type looking bec. if they go out of style, I won't get much use from them.

I'm still on the lookout for wedges though.

**OPI Brand New Skates polish on my toes.

We also bought tons of toys as gifts for nephews, nieces and god children.  I just finished wrapping them last night.

Ever heard of Royce chocolates? I know they're from Japan and they're usually brought as presents when tourists come from there or Singapore and are really good although I've never tried them out before...until last night.

The first free-standing store of Royce opened in Manila and we bought some.   There were so many people buying even if they were expensive.  I got a box of Potatochip Chocolates and my gosh! They were soooo gooood!!!!!

I savored each bite.  Each chip was covered in smooth chocolate.  The chocolate itself isn't very sweet and you could taste the slight saltiness of the potatochip.  Heaven!

I also got my mom a package of Almond chocolates in Dark as a present for Christmas.  Since I have no idea what to get her (bec. she already has everything) what better than give her favorite indulgence?

I also got myself a very tiny Silk Naturals haul: a tube of Cherry Crush lipgloss and the small fiber optic brush plus the freebie jar of glow my total comes with.  I'm getting the others on my list too.

Hubby has also chosen his own present-- a new set of shocks for his bike and a speedometer.  

Merry Christmas!

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