Monday, December 29, 2008

Brook & Ivy Body Buff

I was browsing the shelves in a mall a few weeks ago and came across Brook & Ivy. They had different bath and body products like bath gels, shampoo, scrubs, lotions and body splashes. I was looking at the scrubs in particular because they had the Cosmo Beauty Award sticker on them. I took a sniff of the Vanilla Vine scrub and fell in love instantly with the scent. Unfortunately I didn't get it because it was the last piece there. Hmmm...I actually don't know why I didn't get it, too lazy to go pay for it I guess LOL!

Fast forward a few weeks later when I went to the Greenmeadows Bazaar, I saw a stall there of this particular brand. They had testers of all the 5 scents they had but Vanilla Vine still tops my list. I got myself a jar of scrub and some body splashes to give as gifts. They all smelled sooo good! Next on my list would be the Ginger Patch and Tea Infusion scents of scrubs and body washes.

The Vanilla Vine Body Buff has medium sized scrubby grains. It contains Dead Sea Salts and other minerals beneficial to the skin. The grains aren't abrasive nor too gentle -- just right for me. The label says to use it on dry skin for a better exfoliating experience although I haven't tried it that way. The vanilla scent is not overpowering and it lingers on your skin long after your bath.

If I didn't have other open jars of scrubs I'd really get more of this although nobody's stopping me. Each 150 ml. tub of this scrub is inexpensive at around P250 ($5). What's more, it's locally available so easily accessible (I've seen this in Crossing's Shangrila Mall).

Yeah, I'll definitely get more!

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