Monday, December 22, 2008

I made a vanity...

I didn't have a place before to put my mmu and other m/u that my DD won't be able to reach. I used to put them all in my closet but I found it hard to reach or get the things I needed.

So I made my own vanity table using my old study desk which I've been using to store some of my nicknacks (the huge bottom half which are cabinets still remain my DD's closet). With the help of my dad, we removed the tiny cubbyholes and shelf so I could put in my drawers of mmu.

Here's the result:

The blue box on upper right houses all my blushes. I don't have any more space in the drawers.

Blue drawers at the Left contains palettes, primers, non-mmu stuff.

Black box w/ clear drawers contains from L to R:

Top row- concealers, glows, glows
Middle Row - foundation, finishing powders, mineral lippies
Bottom Row - foundation, FP, non-mineral lippies

top of desk

when open

when closed

I put a light on top which I attached to an upper shelf. At least my DD won't be able to get her hands on my stuff and all makeup would not get dusty too from the cover (and hubby won't see how much I have). All stuff in there are only those that I use. Back-up and other full sizes not in use I store elsewhere. All skin care stuff is also kept on another shelf.

The flower thingy you see on the right side is an MP3 speaker (attached to the player). It lights up, talks and the leaves dance when music is played. The lcd has a digital clock and it even has a snooze function. If you left it on but player is off it turns off after 5 minutes by lighting up and saying "Goodbye, zzz...zzzz...zzzz...". Yeah, it snores but it's so cute.

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