Monday, December 15, 2008

MCS Cream Soap Review

I've used my Madcitysue Shower Parfait Cream Soap in Pumpkin Brulee/Iced Gingerbread.


As I've posted before, the combination smells good.  Not sickeningly sweet and not too foodie.  It's just enough to lift up your mood and scent the whole bathroom but it's not over powering.

The cream soap itself is mousse-like in texture.  I used only a palm-sized amount when I showered and it was enough for the whole body.  It lathered really well, double the lather because I use a shower puff.  It is moisturizing on the skin even after rinsing it off that I didn't put on any other lotion.  There is a faint scent that lingers which is just perfect if you still want to use another lotion or cologne/perfume.  Otherwise, if you prefer the same scent, it would be better to layer it with the same scented lotion to make the scent stronger or longer lasting. 

I think the next time I make an order, I would get smaller tubs in 4oz instead of the 8oz tubs so I could get to try more scents.  The 8oz. tubs would be hard to finish (which is a good thing cost wise) bec. the lather is enough for a small amount used.

All in all, I really like the cream soap's formula.  Actually, I liked it better than the Sugar Scrub but I need to try out the bigger tub I have and make another post on it.

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