Thursday, December 11, 2008

My MadCitySue is here!

I lost my dsl connection a couple of days ago but now it's back!!!

Wee! My hubby offered to get my package at the PO yesterday and it's my MadCitySue order!  It was packaged in a box and dated Dec. 4.  Only around 2 weeks ship time from the US considering it's in a box and it's the Christmas rush.  Not bad.


I got both in 8oz. Cream Soap in Pumpkin Brulee / Iced Gingerbread and Whipped Sugar Scrub in Reindeer Cakes / Marshmallow Cocoa.  There was a freebie Candied Apple Sugar Scrub.

Shower Parfait Cream Soap 

Whipped Sugar Body Scrub

I had the colors also custom made in white/pink and yellow/violet.  The Reindeer Cakes combo smells so heavenly and I like it the most although the other ones also smell really good.  I like foody scents so these all work for me.

I used the Freebie Candied Apple Scrub right away yesterday.  I actually finished the whole tub since it's around 1oz (my estimate).  It was very moisturizing and no lotion is needed after.  I think I over used it coz my shower floor was a bit slippery LOL!

I want to order more scents now.  Thanks to Inan for the great find.  


Been busy the past few days and unfortunately I keep forgetting to bring out my camera!


Lunch here at home.  My cousin from the US is here and we hosted a lunch.  My mom's brother and his family also came over.  Lots of food, *burp* and at the same time it was the Pacquiao - DeLaHoya boxing match so we were all watching it thru live stream on the internet.  Yahoo! Pacquiao won!!!  

Went to the mall after lunch coz I needed to buy additional gifts/prizes my DD needed for their school party.  


Met up with my cousin at the mall and my mom and hubby followed after work.  My cousin bought my DD's last item on her Xmas wish list without her knowing about it.  We now have all her wishes and more!


We attended the Dept. of Surgery's Christmas party.  Since hubby is the newest fellow in the hospital's department, they "told" him to bring a roast pig/lechon.  So we brought a big one!!! 

We had a great time, esp. my DD who was dancing and going around the venue like she was the host LOL! She also didn't want to leave until after we've won something from the raffle.  Well, we won a minor prize so we were able to go home.  (I heard everyone was still there until late in the evening).

Too bad I really wasn't able to get ANY pictures on any of the days' events.  Oh time I promise to put my camera in my bag.  Like today, we're going out again after my trip to my dermatologist (my 5th -or is it 6th?- IPL session). 

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