Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Got my EG BOGO...

....this week.

I was really lucky I nailed my perfect match without trying out samples first since my sample order didn't make it on time.

Wrapped in a pretty bag.

I got full sizes of Helena and Yuan Yuan both in the cover me formula which gives a full coverage with a matte (with slight glow) finish. I love this finish because it is flawless and for me, only 1 layer using little minerals is enough. I usually use 2 layers for all my other mmu foundations except this one. No concealer is needed too (although I rarely use it).

Helena falls in the Olive category while Yuan Yuan is in the Yellow shades although both of them look similar. I can even just mix them both.

I'll post an FOTD soon using either of these.

This is a freebie eyeshadow in Too Shy.

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