Wednesday, December 17, 2008

EG Minerals Liquid foundation Review

Along with my sample haul from EG Minerals was a 5 gr jar of liquid foundation which I wanted to try. I ordered the shade Bamboo and good thing it was a match.

The liquid is odorless and not too runny nor too thick. I haven't used liquid foundation in so long so I had difficulty applying it. I used a damp red sponge same as Dayna's. I used the foundation sticking on the jar's cap and around the neck of the jar (which was a bit much I think).

I had trouble blending, again bec. I am not used to liquids. It took a bit of time when I was satisfied that it looked even. It doesn't dry fast on the face so there is plenty of time to blend, blend, blend. But once it dried it didn't feel heavy at all. It actually felt like I was wearing loose powder foundation although the formula is not liquid to powder.
Coverage is medium and it doesn't look flat matte.

Here's the FOTD:

I am wearing:

EG Minerals liquid foundation in Bamboo
Eyeko Tinted Cream on whole eyelid and on cheekbones
EG Minerals Bermuda bronzer on cheeks (I think I put too much)
MAC Tinted lip conditioner in Petting Pink

The foundation lasted the whole day on me with the usual oily T-zone but that's bec. I didn't put any oil control or finishing powder for testing purposes. I didn't itch nor notice any breakouts.

When I did a little bit of exercise and perspired late in the afternoon, the foundation came off on my hand. Hmm...I don't know if it would be the same if I put a finishing powder earlier. This isn't waterproof so I can't use this when I know it would be a hot and humid day.

I would need to test some more since this is only an initial review.

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