Tuesday, February 17, 2009

CS Contour & Blush Palette

This has been on my lemming list since I saw this on the Coastal Scents website last year. A few weeks ago I pre-ordered it from a local re-seller since it is cheaper than ordering directly. The shipping fee alone is $15.25 just for this palette.

Here it is now:

Case is matte black.

The palettes are huge!

See how big it is in relation to my hand. I think each is as big as my palm (and my hands are pretty big).

I did some swatches so just follow the numbers. I swatched them all dry with no base. All the pigments are matte which is essential to contouring and highlighting because they have to look natural (and not shiny). They're not powdery or chalky when I swiped them on my finger.

with flash:

no flash:

The shade #2 does not show up on my skin tone because it has the exact same shade.

You can check out the videos on the Coastal Scents website or You Tube. I still need to learn and figure out how to use this palette on myself. I am so excited to start!

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