Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Cut, Color, other stuff

Weeks ago I had a haircut and I got a short one. Yesterday, I colored my own hair using Revlon Colorsilk in #33 Dark Soft Brown to cover my gray hair - yikes! I have a lot...it's genetic :-(

It doesn't look good when it's not blow dried but I guess it's always like that. It just looks good when coming from the salon (esp. since my hair is wavy). Last time I colored my hair was more than 1 year ago and I don't remember what shade of Colorsilk I used.

Looking at this photo I'm not sure if my hair looks like this under the sun but I hope not. Maybe it's just the effect of the camera's flash. Important thing is - NO GRAY HAIR!

Been playing around with some of my EG Minerals eye shadow samples.

I used Too Shy on the lid and Fruit of the Vine Cabernet on the crease. I applied them dry and with no base. They are both shimmery and I got shimmer fall out on my cheeks. They also seem sheer and I applied a lot but they did not come out well in the photos. I guess I should have used a base.

Today I am using EG Minerals shadow in The Rainbow from the Illusion collection. It appears white in the bag but once applied and hit by light you can see the color, in this case it's Amber (says the website). I tried to get a picture but because my camera is crappy, I can't take a photo of it at all. The color won't come out in the picture.

I am trying to put on eyeshadow everyday now just so i could use all my samples - I have more than 200 colors!!! Even if I am just here at home, I'll try to put on even just 1 shade. Most of the time I don't get to use eye shadows when I go out because I am always in a hurry. Only just enough time to put on foundation and blush (the lippie I put on in the car).

Recent photo when we went to Tagaytay last Sunday for mom and dad's anniversary:

I used:
Avon Magix Face Perfector
Dreamworld foundation in Amenti Luna
Dreamworld Creme Topping in Cocoa
AL URFP in Translucent

Lumiere Ditto "O"
Lumiere Be True Silk Radiance on top of blush

Eyeko Strawberry Fat Balm

Eye shadow:

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