Thursday, February 5, 2009

CYS and Lumiere Haul

Both my CYS and Lumiere orders came at the same time.

All of them smell so good but I haven't sniffed the freebies I got yet.

Breakdown of what I got and some initial thoughts on some of them:

Bath Moisture Whip in Pumpkin Whipped Cream
"Heavy on the whipped cream...with just the tiniest hint of pumpkin"
- This is my 2nd favorite scent of this batch. It smells creamy and a bit sweet. Yum! The color also looks good enough to eat.

Oil Infused Creamy Body Wash in Candy Corn Cream Cake"The famous Halloween candy baked into an angel food cake"

3-in-1 Body Bubbles in Vanilla Bean Noel
"Bath & Body Works dupe (but better!) Delicious vanilla w/ caramel"
- I haven't smelled the original BBW one but this smells like a good creamy vanilla scent and I do love vanilla. This isn't very strong that it would make you nauseous.

Creamy Oil in Caramel Apple Fluff
"Everyone's favorite Autumn treat, dipped in melted marshmallows"
- I think I need to let this cure for a while because I don't smell the apples as of now.

Creamy Dreamy Scrub in Lemon Marshmallow Cream
"Lemon, Marshmallow fluff and Whipped Cream"
- This is my favorite among all these. It smells lemony yet not too tart. Exactly like their description that it has that hint of marshmallow and cream scent. I can't wait to use this.

Included in my box were freebies!

Silken Body Butter in First Rain
"This scent evokes images of taking a shower under a waterfall. It’s a soapy, clean scent w/ a fresh air note"

Perfume in Berry Patch
"Patchouli infused with cherry almond, stra wberry and hints of Sandalwood and Jasmine. Again…I don’t love patchouli, but this is really pretty!"

Will report back once I've sniffed these 2.

This is the freebie gummi burger. My DD loves this and before I could take a picture she grabbed it and ran away. I told her I still had to get a photo and she was the one who took this shot :-) Then she ran away again and ate it all.

Reviews of the products in future posts.

Lumiere is here!

I ordered along with a friend (a very timely present coz she passed her board exams this week!).

The next photos are only my orders.

The Medium Mixing Bowl. I can just imagine how small the small size would be!

Trio Cheek Color in Natural Radiance, Island Sands and Be True:

6. pcs Trial Size vials in Gleeful, Ditto 'O', Cherry Blossom cheek colors and eyeshadows in Honey Brown, Peppermint Patti and Foliage.

So many new colors to play with and the new vial packaging looks cute. Since I haven't opened these vials and tested them I still don't know how it would fare with daily usage. Swatches next post. I'm so tired.

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