Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Shopaholic and OPI

Sorry I haven't updated my blog in a while.  Life got busy :-)


I watched the movie Confessions of a Shopaholic last week.  I wasn't expecting to like it from what I've seen from the trailer.  It was different from the books in a lot of ways (the accent and the setting) but similar in others (characters and basic plot).

If you haven't read the book, you'll still enjoy and understand the movie on its own.  Isla Fisher fit the role of Becky Bloomwood although I would have preferred it if she retained her British accent as in the book.  Also, she keeps reminding me of Amy Adams from the Disney movie Enchanted.  Hugh Dancy as Luke Brandon was eye-candy (much better than Rob Pattinson IMO but there is a similarity).  

The movie is a feel-good one yet there is a good message you can get from it;  simple life lessons we all need to remember.  If you haven't seen it yet you can still catch it showing in theaters now.

After the movie, I went around the mall and got a few things.  I've heard before that OPI was locally available now at Rustan's Essences and being the nail polish addict that I am, I decided to check it out.  Indeed it was available plus the different nail treatments too.  The shades though were more of the classic ones with a sprinkling of very few shades from current collections.  I only got myself OPI Lincoln Park After Dark using my FSP points so I got it for free!  Each bottle costs P395 (around $8).  A bit expensive than getting it from 8ty8beauty or Head2Toe even with shipping. Since I'm still waiting for a few bottles I got from a spree I settled for just 1 shade for now.

OPI Lincoln Park After Dark, with flash

I love OPI (and China Glaze) polishes because they dry easily, aren't too runny nor too thick and have a wide variety of shades to choose from.  The newer collections are also Big 3 free.

Here's a swatch I did of Lincoln Park After Dark, no top coat, 2 coats:

no flash, natural light 

with flash, indoor

A very pretty dark purple color.  Two coats show it's purple hue while adding more makes it lean towards black although when light hits it you will see that it isn't black.

My current nail polish collection.  Mostly Zoyas, China Glaze, OPI, 1 Essie and Elianto.  I threw or gave away all other brands when I cleaned up my stash a few weeks ago so this is what is left of it. Some shades are with my mom (the light and sheer ones).  When the new ones come in, I need a bigger box.

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