Monday, February 16, 2009

Belated V-Day post

Hope everyone had a great Valentine's day (whether you celebrate it or not)!

I don't really celebrate this day by going out on a date (with hubs) since traffic is terrible on this day of hearts. Hubby just gives me flowers or food :-). This particular day fell on a Saturday and hubby has work so he gave me a box of chocolates ahead of time.

As you can see, a few pieces are already missing because my little girl opened it way ahead of me as soon as she saw her dad carrying the box. Anyway, they were so good!

Spent the morning at the Salcedo Market in Makati City with my parents and DD. There were so many people (of different nationalities) and so much food from different nations. We bought different varieties for take out for our lunch at home. The pasta I got was to die for! Sorry, no food pics because there really was no time to get photos since we were so famished by the time we got home that the food was gone before you can say Poof!

My DD had a fun time playing at the park there and it was like a mini United Nations with kids from different countries.

the park in it's Valentine glory


UGloGirl foundation in Butter Pecan
Dreamworld Creme Topping in Cocoa

Eyeko Tinted Cream on cheeks
Bare Naturals mineral blush in Dollface Cheenee on top of Eyeko Tinted Cream

Avon Glazewear Liquid Lip Color in Darling Pink (probably gone in the photo)

**gosh, my hair looks red in sunlight!

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