Friday, February 6, 2009

Lumiere Swatches

Swatches of my Lumiere pigments, all swatched dry, no base:

Indoor light with flash


1. Be True Silk Radiance
2. Island Sands Silk Radiance
3. Natural Radiance AOFC
4. Gleeful Silk Radiance
5. Cherry Blossom Silk Blush
6. Ditto "O" mineral blush
7. Honey Brown shimmer e/s
8. Foliage shimmer e/s
9. Peppermint Patti glitz e/s

Cherry Blossom isn't as dark as I initially thought it would be so I only got a trial size, which is good. Both Be True and Gleeful would stand alone, for me, as a blush since they are both pigmented and darker colored radiances. Ditto 'O' does look so pretty. It was done as a dupe for NARS Orgasm blush and since I don't have the latter, I can't compare.

I love the e/s colors I chose and I know they would coordinate well with each other. They're not too shimmery and with a light hand can be used for everyday looks. Applied foiled, these would stand out as all Lumiere shadows do.

Regarding the vials, those for the trial size/small size ones for shadows, I kinda like. My small shadow brushes can fit into the opening or I could just get the powder sticking to the inner lid. Those for the blushes/radiances, however, I have to transfer a small amount into the mixing bowl. Good thing my mmu drawers can fit these vials standing up so no problems for me regarding storage.

The Medium sized swirly bowl I got is too small to fit my large powder brushes. I should have gotten the Large size too. The Medium is slightly bigger than a 10 gr. jar for comparison but much smaller than a 20 gm jar.

Other views of the swatches:

No flash, near window, cloudy

With flash, near window, cloudy

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