Sunday, August 9, 2009

Lumiere Sale Mini-Haul

Lumiere Skin & Beauty Bar is one of the mineral makeup companies that I patronize. Their Cashmere blend of foundation is one of my HG mineral foundations.

Ingredients (Cashmere):
real silk powder, serecite, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, boron nitride, iron oxide

It's for all skin types and coverage is light to medium buildable. Although it is not heavy coverage like I prefer, it still looks so good on the skin and is my go to foundation for very hot and humid days or for days that I don't need to cover too much. I also match Medium Warm perfectly with no need to mix shades.

Anyway, thay had a good sale a month ago with a discount code and with their 30 gr jar sizes all on clearance because they would be shifting to a bigger size jar. I took advantage of the sale and only ot 2 items- a backup of Cashmere foundation plus a FS jar of Island Sands.

Island Sands is one of Lumiere's Silk Radiances and is described as "nude tanned pink with a light glowy finish". I've ordered a lot of the Silk Radiances before in full sizes but only have a tiny vial of this one. The Silk Radiances are like highliters and I use them on my cheeks. They have a very light sheen which makes you look like you're lit from within. Really beautiful...and addicting to collect.

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