Friday, August 7, 2009

VS & ON Haul

My haul from the recent Victoria's Secret mid-year sale and Old Navy (all items I got were on sale):

All of them are for hubby and DD except for the pair of tortoise shell sunglasses for me.

I got undies from VS. I love boyshorts because they don't hurt my inner thigh area unlike other kinds that cut thru due to the elastic. Also they don't usually show under shorts, pants or skirts so no VPL!

I read good feedback for the LE Beauty Rush Pool Party line but almost everything was out of stock so I only got the body splash in Frostea. It does smell like iced tea only sweeter. A good pick me up. The others are 3-in-1's which I am a fan of although not necessarily from VS (BBW and Philosophy got me addicted on these). I got Honey Do and Juiced Berry. Honey Do smells like honeydew or melons...yummy! Juiced Berry was left behind and my friend will ship it to me so it's not in the photo.

Edit: I got Juiced Berry today and it smells so good! Like strawberries but not too sweet.

And here's my little girl hamming it up for the camera modeling her shirt and my shades:

I just love sales! Who doesn't?

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