Monday, August 3, 2009

Garnier Pure Pore Tightening Astringent

Well what do you know? I am becoming a huge fan of Garnier products especially those from the Pure line. Here's another product review and it's for the toner.

The Garnier Pure Pore Tightening Astringent is the 3rd Garnier product I've been using for a month now. I got it for P169 for the 150ml size (there's just 1 size) and is available at any drugstore or supermarket or department store locally. This is formulated for normal to oily skin and is NOT recommended for dry and sensitive skins.

I love the ingredients in this toner because it contains mineral zinc, salicylic acid and glycolic acid. Everything that my oily skin loves. The toner does contain alcohol but does not sting my skin. It feels cool on the skin and smells refreshing, like cucumbers but more sweet. I use this in the morning after washing with the Pore Unblock Foam then followed by the Daily Anti-imperfection Moisturizer.

In conjunction with the other 2 products, my face has improved. It is more smooth and soft and definitely clearer. I am not so sure about the pore tightening aspect since they're still there of course and I use a night cream (which I'll review later on) that I could attribute to the more refined texture of my skin. With regards the oil control, my skin is still oily but lesser especially in the morning for a few hours after using these products.

I don't think there is a cure for my oily skin and that's okay. I have accepted that fact and I'll take it any day over having dry skin because oily skin has lesser wrinkles!


-kelvin- said...


im using that product too and i almost done with my 1st bottle but now i'm hesitating to buy a new one. because i felt its not really helping me at all with my oily skin especially nowadays its too hot and i intent to get oily even after putting toner.

but the great thing about it, i dont have pimples that much unlike before. and im also using the garnier light for facial wash...

well its kinda expensive..

do you review for the facial wash of the garnier pure

notjustminerals said...

Hi Kelvin!
I haven't bought another bottle either coz I have other toners to use. It also helps more on acne control for me more than oil control. I have a review for the Pure Unblock Foam:

I haven't used their other types of facial washes. Hope that helped.

iamchibee said...

Hi :) I use Garnier for my skin and it worked for me. I tried other products before and made my skin worse. So I'm going back to Garnier. I use the Yellow line: facial wash, moisturizer/cream. The blue line: astringent (the one you just featured) and blemish pen.

The routine:
1. facial wash
2. astringent
3. blemish pen
4. cream

I let everything dry before applying the next steps.

I'll write a review when I'm free at work :)

Great blog! Just followed!

Garvey said...


I have already used 4 plastics of Garnier Facial Scrub (the anti-imperfection one). It's really nice and effective for daily use. I am using it every morning and every night. It makes my skin really really smooth. I'm also using the anti-blemish pen, I already used 2. It's effective on smaller pimples but doesn't work really well on the acnes. I love the whitening face cream, Its like you are wearing a powder after you applied it. But I'm kinda disappointed on the whitening body lotion (seems it doesn't work for me).