Thursday, August 6, 2009

Neutrogena Wave Power-Cleanser

I was so excited to read in other blogs that Neutrogena Wave is finally available locally. It has been on my lemming list since last year but haven't really gotten around to ordering it from the US. I was looking for it last Sunday at Greenbelt and Rustans but couldn't find it.

We went to Mall of Asia yesterday (we waited after the funeral procession of Tita Cory has left Roxas Blvd.) for hubby's orientation for their PSGS convention which was conveniently cancelled when we were already near MOA. I was bent on finding this item so I headed to Watson's and found the Wave when we got there. Yipee!

It costs Php575 for the set including a battery and 14 refill pads. A separate box of 30 refill pads cost Php 400. I got the set to try it out.

It is pink which is the only color available (I know there's a blue and green one too) and small to easily fit one's hand. The pads you just stick to the velcro-like surface, wet the pad well and start the gadget. Move it around your face until the cleanser from the pad foams up and massage.

My thoughts?

It wasn't really an earth-shaking experience for me. The cleanser feels cool like mint on the skin and face feels soft after but I feel it's the same as a facial scrub. Actually, my facial scrub feels better.

The massage the vibration gives does feel good but I don't see how different a microfiber cloth used on the face would be. It would probably exfoliate more.

Yes, I am a little bit disappointed but will continue to use it although not daily since I already have the gadget. I would reuse the pads for 1 or 2 more uses with my own cleanser because they could be pretty expensive in the long run. It would be a waste of money on my part if I toss the Wave aside. Besides, it still is a bit fun to use.

Eek! I just found out from my favorite online store that they now have the Wave Duo. It has 2 cleansing speeds: 1) Gentle cleansing and 2) Deep Pore cleansing. Now that would probably be so much better.

Now that I think about it, the reason I am disappointed with this one is because it is gentle. Yup, that's it. I am used to going to dermatologists all my life (because I have had bad acne since high school) and monthly diamond peels, chemical peels, etc. that the Wave seems to do nothing for my skin.

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