Friday, August 21, 2009


At long last, I finally organized all my eye stuff yesterday and the night before. Those are eyeshadow pigments you see there in the baggies. I have more than 200 colors and those in the photo are only 3/4 of it.

I put them back in the card holder by color so it would be easier to look for what I need. I also put all my shadows in palettes, pots, jars and tubes in one basket and a tray in my makeup drawer so I would be able to USE them. I housed them before in an organizer box but didn't have easy access to it so I rarely used them the past year. Hopefully I can practice more now since I really suck at putting on eye shadows.

In addition, I discovered so many shades that I didn't know I had. Still, I keep being drawn to the same kinds of shades over and over again. I am also so tempted to get new ones especially those that are newly released and in pressed form (Stila, The Body Shop, MAC, etc.) but I try my best not to buy coz I know I already have similar colors and I don't regularly use them. Gotta continue to keep myself from being lured by all those pretty colors. Keeping my fingers crossed.

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