Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Anew Rejuvenate Night Revitalizing Cream

My previous night cream post is my HG night cream. Again, I've strayed to try out something new.

What is my current night cream?

The Anew Rejuvenate Night Revitalizing Cream from Avon.

Product description:

PM lightweight gel-cream that works while you sleep so you awaken to skin that looks fresher and more vibrant.
-Mini Extraction Technology: helps visibly shrink pores
-Exfo Smoothing Complex: resurfaces skin
-Revitafresh Technology: makes skin look even and smoother

I've been using this for a few weeks now. It is gel like in consistency which is easily spread across the skin and easily asorbed. It is not greasy and has a light floral scent. Good thing it is not too strong and dissipates right away so it doesn't cause me headaches. It felt very light on the face and made my skin so soft right after. It doesn't make my oily skin any more greasier because of it's texture.

What I like most about this is that it really delivers. After a few weeks use, the pores on my face do seem a bit smaller and smoother. I can't say anything about fine lines though coz the fine lines I have are under my eyes and I don't use it on the eye area. Also, my skin is a bit brighter.

I got this from my local Avon lady and it costs only Php 749 for the 30gr jar. I think that's around $15-16, a far cry from the $32 it sells for abroad. They also gave freebies during the promo period:

A burgundy bag and a full size Anew Rejuvenate 24 hour eye cream (retails for Php 600, $12-13) which I also use. Now I have a back-up jar :-)

I would probably alternate the use of Anew and Olay because I do like them both. They offer different but good results to my skin but I can not use them at the same time. Too much moisture. And they might react with one another. Maybe every 2-3 months is better.

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