Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Trying Out Eyeko

Just tried out the Eyeko Cream and Strawberry Fat balm today.

The Cream (see swatch in previous post) has a very slight iridescence when applied. On my skin tone it really doesn't show up that much. It's not sticky at all and goes on smooth. It dries quickly so blend fast. It looks so natural on and I'm really liking it. I only applied it around my eyes to try out even on my undereye area. It has a bit of a brightening effect.

The Strawberry Fat Balm looks so pretty! This and the Minty one smell delicious with Strawberry giving out a berry-ish tint to my lips without being too shiny. It didn't dry out my lips either. I tried a bit of it on my cheeks but it felt a bit tacky but not sticky that I couldn't blend it real well. I'd prefer to use this on my lips.

I'd like to try out the Tinted Cream version and their other products.  So tempting!


Nothing on except Vit. C Serum, sunblock and these 2 Eyeko products.

Eyeko Cream on eyelids and undereyes.
Eyeko Strawberry Fat Balm on cheeks and lips.

with flash

no flash


Update on Vit. C Serum

Today is Day 7 of my use.  Next course of 7 days for next month.  

I still have pigmentation issues on my face but hopefully they go away in time.  They have lightened a bit due to the Vit. C serum and my face looks poreless everytime I apply it.  My skin is glowing and has smoothened out.  

Turns out that this ampule I have has more than half left over so I can still use it for next month's cycle.

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