Monday, November 24, 2008

FYI (Rant ahead)

A few days ago, I discovered that some of my old pictures were posted by an e-tailer without my permission nor was credit given to the owner of the photos (me).  I won't mention the company anymore as I think the issue has been "resolved".   Who knows how long they have been posted there (I did the photos over a year ago) and were used TO SELL products?  The photos were watermarked as their own!

The thing is, when I discovered the incident and informed the company, I blogged about how mad I was about what happened.  I had the right to be angry of course, since I was the wronged party. What eventually happened is that I was threatened by a "friend" of the owner saying she would blog negatively about me.  How vicious can some people be?  I was the offended person, yet I was the one being threatened.   She also stated that she would inform all other companies I post pictures of (to which I give due credit if they were taken from their websites) or review and say "bad things" about me.

I took down the said blog post because I didn't want to make things worse.  I'm a peace-loving person and I blog because I want to.  It's fun trying out new things and sharing views with other people.  It is users and haters like these people who make the world an ugly place.

So to you, you know who you are, don't think I was the least bit threatened because me and a lot of other people know the truth about those photographs. 

To all other bloggers, make sure you put a watermark on all your photos.  And not just a tiny watermark but put it ACROSS the things you're photographing. 

**Take note that I did not mention any company  nor any person in this post.  I still consider the matter as over and done with so if I get any more threats let's just say they still feel guilty.


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