Thursday, November 13, 2008

HK Haul

I'll start with my hauls which really isn't much. 

1 USD = 7.6 HKD for reference

From Sasa:

They had so many different kinds of cosmetics there most of which you read reviews about from Musings of a Muse but I was too scared to buy some for fear of breaking out. Also if it doesn't work for me I couldn't return it. So I just looked at everything and admired them LOL! Brands were Sasa, Sana, Bourjois, Palgantong, and other Japanese brands which I couldn't read, etc. They also had BENEFIT in some branches but it was 2-3x more expensive than US price!

I got a hair straightening brush ($35HK, really cute!), Lip Ice set (tube for day w/ SPF 15 and the pot for night), Disney perfumes (for my nieces), Fasio medicated cooling spray for face ($35HK), a clear eyebrow gel ($15HK), and sachets of masques ($5HK @) .

My mom got another Fasio cooling spray at the last minute but completely forgot that she placed it in my carry-on bag. At the airport check, they saw it on the X-ray machine and had to dispense with it bec. it was 200g. I wanted to cry coz we were going to give that to my SIL.

This one's a heated eyelash curler for $12 HK. We got 2 (1 to give away).

From H&M:

I only got a purple bag for $149 HK. All their clothes were winter clothes and we don't have winter in the Phils. so I wasn't able to buy anything. They also had a complete line of Hello Kitty H&M cosmetics plus their own H&M line of make-up but I didn't get any again for possible negative reactions.

From Esprit outlet:

The only pieces of clothing I got. One for me (blue) for $49 HK and 1 for hubby ($112) bec. it was cheaper to buy the same brand locally here.

From Ladies Market in Mongkok:


I got my DD pajamas in Hello Kitty, Little Twin Stars and My Melody for 3 for $100 HK. Their markets weren't that good (for me) since I could buy a lot more stuff at our markets here.

That's a set of Hello Kitty head rest for cars which my mom got for her car. The 2 bags are strawberry jam filled marshmallows I got at a grocery.
From The Peak Market:

An enamel elephant for my Bro-in-law.

Lots of enamel bangles and compact mirrors to give away this Christmas. We got the bangles for buy 10 get 1 free ($20HK @).

A Kaleidoscope! (we said it's for my DD but it's really for me LOL!)

From Ocean Park:

Panda cellphone charms

From the Grocery:

Chocolates, gummis, tubes of Tiger Balm Neck & Shoulder Rub which we tried the 1st night. It felt sooo good on our sore muscles that's why we got back and got more tubes (3 for me and 2 for mom), bottles of XO sauce which my dad and brother loves. We got 5 bottles of Extra Hot and 1 regular (for my FIL).

From Ngong Ping Village:

Delicacies my mom got at the stalls there. She loves these (but I don't).

From a store along Nathan Road:


This bag is expandable and was a last minute buy before going to the airport. All the stuff we got at the grocery wouldn't fit in our luggage so I bought an extra bag to put them all in as carry-on in the plane. Well, at least now I have a new overnight bag :-)

From a store at The Peak:

A Chinese hat with braided hair at the back. Mom got this for her costume for their Christmas party (Chinese theme I think).

I know we also got a few more stuff from Sasa like huge tubes of lotions and blushes to give our helpers at home and for my mom's staff at the office but she gave it to them before I got a picture.

So that's the only stuff I got from Hong Kong. Not too much in terms of clothes, no shoes. They were all so expensive and a lot of brands seen in dept. stores were high end which I'm not really fond of. Photos of the trip coming up this week.

When we do plan to go shopping we'll just go to Bangkok with an empty suitcase, no kids and husbands, just us women.

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