Friday, November 14, 2008

EcoTools & Vit. C Serum

My Eco Tools brush I ordered before is now here! I only got the powder brush and it is huge but very soft. I love it.


Other stuff included were the Neutrogena Mineral Sheers e/s in Shell and a couple of Sunblock for hubby for when he plays golf, tennis and goes mountain biking.



Skin care wise, my dermatologist has been using a new Vitamin C serum on herself which made her complexion so smooth and looks lifted. When I had my 4th IPL session a week ago she did an IPL on my face too and applied the serum on my face. The instant effect is a pore-less face lasting for 24 hours.

It felt wonderful! Well, I got myself a vial to try out. It's supposed to be used daily in the morning before sunblock for 7 consecutive days only then repeated monthly. She says the lasting and permanent effect would be after a few boxes (specifically 5 with each box containing 5 vials) with the face becoming wrinkle-free. She even showed me her forefinger she uses to apply the serum which has become smooth in comparison with her other fingers LOL!

Here's how it looks like:

vit. C

It's a glass vial and the top has to be snapped open. 1 vial is good for 7 days use. I am now on the 3rd day of use. I think this is only sold in clinics and used under medical supervision. I'm just not sure how much it costs elsewhere but I got it at a discount bec. were colleagues and friends.

I'm now on antibiotics bec. my sore throat has become full blown pharyngitis (with exudates, self-diagnosed by me, ha ha). I can't swallow because of the pain and have been sleeping the whole day. I just took a dose of pain killers so I was able to make this post. Hope this goes away soon coz I hate being sick (who doesn't?).

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