Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Sweetscents pigment swatches, Blusche brush

Here are the swatches of the Sweetscents pigments I got a few weeks ago:
I took the photos near a window in bright afternoon sunlight (day after the storm), all swatched dry, no base.

indoor, no flash

Top and bottom pics, L-R:
Beach Bum, Majestic, Orchids & Diamonds, Innocense (blush), Emeralds & Diamonds

indoor, with flash


indoor, no flash

Top & Bottom pics, L-R:
Amaretto liner, Blackstar Red, Explore, Burgundy Sparkle, Eggplant Matte, Cobalt Blue Shimmer, Painted Desert, Sage Matte, Neon Yellow, City Lites, Arctic Blue

indoor, with flash

I really like the pigments in the first 2 sets of photos. City Lights is like glitter. Really griitty and I got it all over my hands and table. Arctic Blue is like a color shifter but also very pretty. When applied it's white but move it around and you can see the blue hue.

* * * * * * * * *

Last weekend I ordered a Powder brush from Canadian company Blusche Minerals since it was inexpensive and I needed another one after my DD played with the one I was using.

I paid on Friday thru Gcash (e-money thru cellphone), it was shipped Monday and I got the brush today, Tuesday! Monica has really good CS. Also, her relatives here handle the local customers so shipping is very fast with our local couriers (1-2 days) even if the orders are received in Canada.

powder brush

It's synthetic and really soft. The white bristles are also cool. At least I'll know if it needs cleaning right away LOL!

Oops, my new brush went missing from the PC table. My DD ran off with it :-(

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AUBREY said...

wow, where to buy that gorgeous brush? i want one :)