Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Joppa Morning Dew

Today I tried out my sample of Joppa's Morning Dew foundation in the shade Grecian Gold. The shade is for those who wear Medium #3 in the FC or SC formula and it matched me quite well.

Photo in natural light, no flash:

Morning Dew in Grecian Gold

with flash:

Grecian Gold

The website says the Morning Dew formula "eliminates the need for a seperate bronzer by adding a golden glow with very natural color, giving your skin a beautiful radiance with superb coverage".

I didn't wear any primer nor blush with the foundation, just Joppa Finishing Silk in Mocha and SN lippie in Birthday Suit. The photo with flash was taken after 2 hours of sweating (because I walked my daughter to school and went back home under the scorching hot sun). It's coverage is the same as the FC formula for me but with a bit more color (not too bronze though) and very slight glow. Still very light on the face and I did not get all oily after a few hours.

This is making me want to purchase another fullsize. Please, please, I don't need another one...I still need to purchase my FS Lauress Minimalist and I am waiting for their sale, whenever that may be.

Joppa, why do you keep making such good foundations?

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