Sunday, June 8, 2008

Mail Day, FOTD

I love mail days. Friday last week I got 3 packages from Lisa (MMBB), Silk Naturals and Camellia Rose.

MMBB. These are the skincare samples Lisa sent me for being among the first ones to post on her blog awhile back. The samples are Anti-Aging Serum, AHA Cleanser and Bubbly pigment.

I've used up the AHA Cleanser the other day. The exfoliant in it was very gentle to the point that if you're used to facial scrubs (like me) it won't feel like it has scrubbed your skin. It also didn't fully remove the mmu I had on.


Camellia Rose. I got the 1 oz. Bye Bye Zit Cream and Jen included a heart-shaped bar of Green Tea Shea Soap.

Camellia Rose

Silk Naturals. I got samples of Tahiti Sweetie and Love Lure plus lippies in Seedy and Capricious (included was a freebie pigment in Haze).


Here are swatches of the SN lippies:

with flash
Capricious on the Left, Seedy on the Right.

no flash

I love Seedy! It looks like Clinique's Black Honey Almost Lipstick and since it's SN's lipgloss, it's moisturising. The texture of the Demi-Gloss wasn't as moisturising though. It dried out my lips a bit but I liked the color since it is my first bright coral lippie shade. My next orders from SN would definitely be from the lipgloss/lipstick category and I'd skip the Demi Glosses unless they were made more moisturising.

The past 3 days I've been using my Buff'd sample in Buff and I've noticed a few bumps on my face. I hope I'm not really allergic to it coz it has a really nice finish with pretty good oil control although I am not fully convinced to get myself a FS because I want Lauress more.

I've also been using Sweetscent's Hide-A-Pore in Medium Dark and it does really make you look airbrushed! I might get myself a full-size of this when Sweetscents reopens. The sample shade given to me was Medium Dark but the ones available on the site are Light, Medium and Dark. this a new shade or did Joan just mix this up for sampling?

FOTD today (I watched Kung Fu Panda):

Buff'd Buff

Camellia Rose V2.0 Primer
Sweetscents Hide-A-Pore Medium Dark
Buff'd foundation in Buff
Sweetscents Translucent Mineral Veil
Blush: SN Tahiti Sweetie topped with Valerie Beauty Passion blush
Joppa Finishing SIlk in Medium
Lips: SN Demi Gloss in Capricious
Eyes: EDM Raw Sugar

SN's Tahiti Sweetie is a really good bronzer for me. Applied lightly it can be used as a contour powder but can be used in place of blush. This warrants a fullsize!

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