Friday, June 20, 2008

Lumiere pkg.

Got my Lumiere package from the Surgery Sale.

I have the ff. in 20 gr jars: Cashmere foundation in Medium Warm, Silk Radiances in Nectar, Bare Skin and Winter Silk (back-up).


Just noticed that for this order all the jars have black, matte lids. Very much like the BE jars.

matte lid
Also the sifters inside are shallower which is good because in my last order, the sifters of the 20gr jars went in HALF-WAY in the jars. This made the jar only half-full yet they looked full bec. the product was up to the sifters.
Here's a comparison pic. Newer jar on the left, older jar on the right.

lumiere jars

new jar

older jar

Oh, and Lumiere doesn't give freebies unlike all other mmu companies.

Right now, Lumiere has a Summer Sale of fullsize items going on until the end of August.

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