Thursday, June 26, 2008

Shop Day

Had a great day shopping yesterday! Too bad the Zara sale didn't start yesterday when hubby and I scheduled a trip to the mall but maybe this weekend I get to one (but there's gonna be a huge crowd for sure).


Sweetscents Hide-A-Pore powder in Med-Dark
MMBB Liquid foundation in Med-Dark Beige
AL Coquille in Nectarine on cheeks and undereye area
Joppa Finishing Silk in Medium
EDM Best Friends blush
Lumiere Bare Beauty silk Radiance on top of blush
SN lipgloss in Berry Nice (too bright pink/red for my liking)

SN Sleep In A Jar all over id
Lumiere Bare Beauty silk radiance swept all over lid (what's left on the blush brush)


First time I shopped for myself and "wasting" such a pretty big amount in stores, too.
But I did score some pretty good finds and got other stuff I needed.

From MANGO mid-year sale I got a pair of black embroidered skinny jeans originally around $90 down to $40, and 2 shirts with Disney prints both originally $22 each down to $12 each. Other stuff I got were Lush Tea Tree Toner (my 3rd bottle, or is it 4th?) and Carmex Strawberry lip balm (both not on sale), Marks & Spencer undies (not on sale) and a pair of slip-on flats (not on sale).

I hope I get to score some more this weekend, Ha ha. I'm gonna get broke soon enough, hmmp.

Oh, we also went to an Ice Cream Bar recommended by some of my friends after shopping. The food was really good but a bit expensive (esp. the ice cream).

Hubby had the Chunky Chicken Sandwich. It was delicious and very filling. The chips that came with it were the best part since they were very, very good! It was in-store made so I couldn't order some for takeout :-(

Chunky Chicken

I had the Soft-Serve Yogurt with mangoes and cornflakes. A guilt-free dish that was really yummy!


DD had the Berry Ballistic- with peaches, strawberries, blueberries, whipped cream and ice cream. It was huge but she only ate the wafer stick and cherry on top and a bit of ice cream bec. she said she was still full from another ice cream she ate earlier. Guess who ate this whole thing? ME !!! I was so full I couldn't move.


But they were all so yummy. We didn't eat dinner anymore after this.

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