Wednesday, September 10, 2008

MAC New View

Today, my MAC New View MSF arrived. One of my friends had a spree and I joined in. I'm still waiting for another item but I'm not sure when it's gonna be available.

I don't really buy MAC bec. I am scared to break-out from it and I am already content with my MMU. Also I can't justify getting addicted to it coz it's way out of my budget. If I earn my own money then this would not be a problem for me. (I just don't like using hubby's money for less-essential things like expensive make-up). This is probably a rare splurge on my part since I really want to try it out. I do have very few other MAC items though (some given by my mom).

MAC New View MSF in Medium Dark/ Natural with Shimmer:

The thing is, I am a bit apprehensive to try it out on my face. Once I get the courage to do so I'll post photos. Oh, what do I use to put this on my face? A brush?


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