Monday, September 15, 2008

Mail Day & Korean Kitty

Another mail day today and I am overwhelmed. Just look at the pics which speak for themselves. It would take me a few weeks to go thru all these and post reviews.
From Aromaleigh, my sample order:

rocks lippie samples

Tried out blank generation lippie:

no flash

with flash

From Jesse's Girl Cosmetics:

From EG Minerals, samples they sent me as their tester :

EG Minerals

<--- Full size!


Fruit of the Vine Trio e/s

Smokey Eye Kit - Charcoal Trio e/s

other e/s


FP's & Hi-Def. Powder

Primer Powders

Whew!!! That's a lot to sample. I wished the EG Minerals site is working coz I don't remember the types of foundations I chose or the ingredients.


My brother-in-law came from Seoul, Korea last week and gave my DD a few Hello Kitty items that are just too cute:

mechanical pencil and stickers

necklace and ring set

hair accessories

for me: bag and bracelet

That's all for now. I haven't even removed the plastic seals the cosmetics came in. Will post more once I have time to swatch and try them on. So many eyeshadows when I don't even use them that much LOL!

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