Friday, September 26, 2008

EG Minerals Review

This is way overdue.

I'll start with the foundations first since that's what I've been reviewing this week.
The shades I chose weren't initially in the present category so it got me confused. They rearranged the categories with the shade names so the formula wasn't the one I wanted to try out. At least I got a few matches though.

Again, my photos with each foundation on.

Cover Me foundation:

Very good heavy coverage for me and for those with oily skin. It applies matte on the face and I just used 1 layer dry, enough to cover everything - no concealer needed. It felt light on the face but really looked good on. I think I need to apply a bit less coz on closer inspection (in person) I could see that I had makeup on but it still looked natural. Oh, this is hard to explain but I hope you get what I'm trying to say (?).

I didn't use primer nor finishing powder and after 4 hours my face isn't oily. No itchies even when I was sweating (ran over next door to check on a patient).

Oh, and there's no white cast in photos unlike other mmu with heavy coverage.

I think my match is DeAnna. I initially thought this was light for me but when I tested it again it wasn't. After consultation with Michelle of EG Minerals, she said that the Cover Me formula applies differently initially than what it looks like in the baggie. After it melded to my skin it was a perfect match.

DeAnna no flash

DeAnna w flash

Jeanne and Joy are too dark and too brown for me:



Youthful Glow foundation:

This one has light to medium coverage. It also feels light but it wasn't enough coverage for me. For those with perfect skin to begin with and wanting a slight glow to their foundation, this would do. I found good matches here too coz these were what were mostly sent to me. I didn't try 3-4 other shades as they looked dark and too brown in the baggies. My good matches were Jin and Mia.

Mia (Y)


Jocelyn was too dark (and brown) for me:


I don't have samples of the Light & Natural formula which is rice powder based and good for oily skin and the Liquid foundation. I plan to test them out soon.


I only got a few samples of blushes. When the site wasn't up yet, they had no matte blushes available for sampling so all the blushes I got were shimmery.

I love South Pacific Dawn the most among all these. The blushes are pigmented and only very little is needed. The blushes on the right-most are cool toned and I don't think they would suit me. The way i see it, the website swatches look a bit darker than they are IRL.

Finishing Powders:

I haven't tried everything yet but the ones I did were good. The Hi Definition Pro Powder to me is like Aromaleigh's - they have a cloud of powder when you put some in your swirly bowl. They look the same when applied since both are translucent and they mattify the face.

The Primers and Soft Focus finishing powders do help matte out the oilies. They're comparable to Dreamworld's or Lauress' Finishing Powders. I haven't tried the Rice Powder primer and the Silk Finishing Powder yet. Letting my skin take a break for awhile.

Jin + Hi Def Pro Powder

Jin + Hi Def. PP + Soft Focus FP + blush

All EG Minerals used except lipgloss:

Skin Primer Yellow
Youthful Glow foundation in JIN
Gold/Yellow Soft Focus finishing powder
Hi Definition Pro Powder
South Pacific Dawn Blush
Aromaleigh No Reservations Rocks! lipgloss
No eyeshadow

I haven't tried any of the eyeshadows yet. Next post probably or next week since this is a busy weekend of parties.

I have tried the Vancouver Springs lipglaze they sent me but I couldn't use it.


The shade is pretty in a peachy coral tint but the smell was so strong. It was a fruity scent I just don't know what kind.

When I applied it on my lips I thought the scent would go away in a few minutes but it didn't. I felt so nauseous that I had to remove the lippie right away. Even when I did the scent stuck to my hands and I had a headache the whole afternoon.

Also it leaked all over my lippie drawer. I think the seal of the tube was loose coz it fell out when I opened it and removed the wand. Maybe that's why it leaked even though I put it back.
If only the scent weren't that strong I would've used it.
This is my initial take on EG Minerals. Still have to try out the other products I have.

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