Thursday, May 1, 2008

Mail Day Part 2

More mail came in yesterday!
2 Joppa packages and my EDM stuff from tempete.

Actually, this is just part of the loot because the others not in photo are Nica's orders. More photos:

Top photo: Fullsize refil baggies of Medium #3 foundation, finishing silks in Medium and Rosey

Samples of Fern, Berry, Cherish and Makayla

Full size of Just Blush

freebies: Spice Berry and Tranquility

From tempete:

Fullsizes of EDM blushes in Apple and Best Friends

freebies thrown in: SN Lovelace sample, 2 TSS e/s samples, samples of Lauress foundations in Original Pure Gold and Minimalist Pure Yellow.
Thanks so much tempete!!!


A before photo of me I took the other day - no makeup, just sunblock and lipbalm. (Don't be scared!!!)

I don't remember if this was taken with flash or not.

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