Thursday, May 29, 2008

What's In My Bag?

As tagged by Inan I'm going to do my own bag.
I am not a bag-a-holic so my bags aren't name brand. I just use my bags (like Sue) until they fall apart or I get bored with them, whichever comes first.
First of all, the usual bags I rotate to use:

Top to bottom: A made-to-order bag Gray faux croc, Lacoste bag in beige (hubby's Christmas gift to me), Pink Adidas bag given by my BIL when he came from Germany 2 months ago and an XOXO brown print bag I bought a few years ago from

I have other bags but these are the most used. (If I get bored with one I just give it away to other people).

So, what's in my bag?

1. Bag organizer - this has pockets to put all the other stuff in and helps me find things easily and keeps my bag tidy. I only use this organizer with the gray bag because this is large and wouldn't fit into the others.
2. Wallet - red one I got from Old Navy. All cards, ID, money (if I have some LOL!) fits in here.
3. Pack of tissues
4. Pack of Baby Wipes - very important when with my daughter
5. Breath strips and TicTacs
6. After Bite - for putting on mosquito or ant bites for my DD since she's allergic to bites
7. Hand Sanitizer
8. BBW Mango Mandarin Body Spray
9. Bench Lemon Drop Cologne - my daughter's, she wants her own too
10. Off! Insect Repellant - I never leave home without it, for my DD
11. Clean & Clear Blotting Sheets - for blotting my face of course
12. small towel - I always bring one everywhere
13. Toilet Seat covers - for my DD's use on public toilets. I bring either this or the toilet seat sanitizer.
14. Lippies - Whatever I'm using for the day plus a lipbalm. In photo: AL's Rosebud and Perfect and Keihl's tinted l/b.
15. Foldable hairbrush with mirror
16. My rosary.

Missing in the photo is my cellphone (Motorolla L7, I left it in the den), camera (which I was using), my DD's own lipbalm and a lotion in a refill bottle. My DD took the lipbalm and the lotion somewhere since she loves tinkering with my bag.

As you can see, I don't carry any mmu or other makeup item with me except for a lippie. I don't retouch my face the whole day, just blot out the oilies. I just like travelling light. Actually I never brought a bag with me before I got married and had a kid. I just kept a small wallet (or no wallet) and a lippie in my pocket and that's it.

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