Monday, May 26, 2008

Lauress Pure Yellow

I tried out my Lauress samples again over the weekend and have decided on Pure Yellow. I really don't want to have to buy 2 FS of Pure Yellow and Pure Gold then mixing them together. That is just too much foundation (and a bit expensive too for full sizes compared to other brands).

Pure Yellow does make me look brighter compard to Pure Gold which looks dull on me. I could just color correct the yellow tones with the Lauress Chiffon (violet) color corrector which I also really like. It gives a soft matte look and at the same time lessening the too yellow tones of the foundation.

Saturday FOTD:
This is only Lauress Minimalist in Pure Yellow topped with Lauress Chiffon Enhancer

(with flash)

(without flash)

Sunday FOTD (when I watched Indiana Jones):

Camellia Rose V2.0 primer
Lauress Minimalist foundation in Pure Yellow
Lauress Chiffon Enhancer ff. by Lauress FP in Medium
Blush: Cargo Beach Blush in Echo Beach (all 4 shades using FO brush)
Lips: AL lipstick in Rosebud

Matte EOTD:

UDPP as primer
SN Unblush all over lids
Aromaleigh Pure Eyes Matte in Fawn from lashline to crease
Aromaleigh Carolina Matte e/s in Bougainvilla on crease and outer V
Aromaleigh Carolina Matte e/s in Sand under browbone

***I suck at the blending because I was in a hurry and my first time to try out mattes w/o road-testing them first..

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