Monday, May 5, 2008

Trying out Lauress (and my new toy)

This weekend had me trying out my Lauress samples from tempete just to get my match. I have the original formula in Pure Gold and the Minimalist in Pure Yellow.
Here's a half and half face I did on Saturday:

Pure Yellow on your right and Pure Gold on your left.

Pure Gold is a good match but IRL looks a bit dull while Pure Yellow does make me look brighter but looks too yellow IRL.

Sunday FOTD:

I mixed both Pure Yellow and Pure Gold because I had a feeling it would balance out each other's color. It was perfect! It does look photogenic as what my friend S. said. It lasted the whole day on me in this very hot and humid day with just 1 layer on my face (I usually put on 2 layers for all my other foundations). I can not say if it's the foundation formula's effect because it was a mix of Original and Minimalist and I used Joppa as my finishing powder which keeps oilies at bay.

(no flash)

(with flash)

What I used:
Camellia Rose V2.0 primer
Lauress mix of Original Pure Gold + Minimalist Pure Yellow
Joppa finishing silk in Medium
AL Coquille Nectarine on undereye and on cheeks
EDM Apple blush
Lips: NYX lipgloss in Natural
No eyeshadow

Now, I can't wait for my very own Lauress samples which I ordered last week. It is a possibility that if ever I order a fullsize, I may need to order both shades in the Minimalist formula and then just mix them both (making 2 big jars of FS foundation LOL!) So far Lauress is like Lumiere Cashmere to me. They feel so similar and look so similar on me. I am now torn between the 2 since I've been planning to get a FS Lumiere Cashmere in Medium Warm but haven't gotten around to doing so. We'll see.


My new toy:

Sony PSP Slim with Core Bundle kit in Felicia Blue! My daughter chose the color but I really wanted the Lavender Purple color. It came with lots of free games (including the Simpsons game from the Simpsons PSP LE pack) in the 4 gig MC.
None of us in the family play computer games or such so this is a first.

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