Friday, May 16, 2008

Silk Naturals Again

Yeah, I got lured by the lovely Vox ladies again. I got only a few things from SN:

1 x Seedy- Raspberry Mauve- BB Blue Raspberry Clone
1 x Capricious- Shimmery Coral Lip Demi-Gloss- MAC Utterly Frivilous
1 x Sample Tahiti Sweetie Bronzer
1 x Sample Love Lure

Plus this from Sweetscents:

Green Tea Overnight Rejuvenation in 1 oz. bag for $15

Today is the last day of Sweetscents' Spring Sale and I couldn't resist because of the good reviews of this product (and Hide-A-Pore).

Until the next haul which is Mode Cosmetics (from Moosie's post before). Well, actually my friend already asked for my list of stuff to order and I hope she'll be able to get this. My shade is #216 Medium Tan from Mode's email to me and from my gauge on what my possible shade is. Crossing my fingers.

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