Saturday, May 31, 2008

Lumiere Sale

I have been waiting for this for a loooong time and I'm glad Aileen posted about this on our local forum. Without thinking twice (even if I'm over my monthly limit) I ORDERED!!!

I got my fullsize jar of Medium Warm Cashmere (just the 20 gr size though) plus the Cheek Color Set with Nectar, Bare Beauty and a back-up of Winter Silk (I am so loving this one).
My total for this whole caboodle was $29 something WITH SHIPPING. Hee ha!

Sale is only until Monday and use the code Lumiere20 for 20% of your entire order.

Even with all those shipping options with insurance or not, etc. I just chose the cheapest international shipping of $5 because their policy says even if I choose same with insurance this only applies to damage during shipping. So far I have NEVER had any damage to merchandise in the 3 years I've been ordering online, mmu or not. The only thing I have to deal with is the long time to wait but hopefully I get my package in the end.

The only thing I am waiting for is a Lauress Sale and I am done (for a while) with buying mmu foundations. (Ha ha, let's see). Time to build up my bank savings again.

Happy Shopping!

PS: I am typing/ surfing so fast now because my PC has been acting up since last night. It turns off on it's own and won't start. I hope I get it fixed soon. Dang!

PS2: I am sick right now with pharyngitis and am on high dose antibiotics. I almost got confined in the hospital the other day but good thing I wasn't. I am just wearing my surgical mask in the house so as not to infect the other people and my daughter especially. First time this happened to me :-( I don't even know where I got it.

PS3: I have been soooo addicted to the Twilight Series of books although I only have Book 3: Eclipse and I'm still waiting for Twilight (#1) and New Moon (#2) which I ordered online. These books have been out of stock everywhere. I can't wait for #4 Breaking Dawn to be released in August 2008, Midnight Sun (written in Edward's point of view) and the movie showing Dec. 12, 2008.

Since I bought Eclipse last Sunday, I have read the book 2 times since I am confined in bed. It is a very thick book and is just so riveting, really a page-turner.

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