Saturday, July 26, 2008

Review on Illuminare Eye Colors

Featuring my Illuminare Eye Color trial pack!

All Day Eye Color with SPF 15, semi-matte, creamy eye colors that are water-resistant, fade-proof and crease-proof.

All the shades are neutral so those looking for color won't find them here. This is their entire line of eye color shades.


Guess how tiny they are:


eye colors



L-R: Latte, Cafe Latte, Cappuccino, Cafe Mocha, Mocha Cinnamon,
Cafe Americano, Espresso, Perla Bianca, Perla Rossa

Tried a few shades today to put them to the test. I used Cafe Latte all over lid, Cappuccino on crease and outer V, Perla Rossa on brow area as highlight and Espresso as liner on upper lid.

eye colors

eye colors

I didn't use any eye primer for this and used just tiny amounts. I applied the lighter shades with my finger and Cappuccino with a taklon e/s brush. They are creamy and can be blended well but you have to be pretty fast to do it before they set. The Espresso I applied with an angled liner brush and did a very thin line.

It's now 6 hours later and there is NO creasing whatsoever. The liner didn't transfer to my upper lid either. The colors still look the same way I put them on earlier.

Really a good line of neutral eyeshadows but I hope they make other colorful shades soon.

Oh, and one more thing. I tried to wash off the swatches I did on my arm but it was difficult to remove them. Here's a photo after rubbing vigorously with one round of washing with soap:

after washing with soap

I had to wash my arm 4x with soap and water and rub really hard just to remove the swatches. Now I guess I'd have to use a makeup remover to get this all off from my eyes later.

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