Tuesday, July 22, 2008

SN Heavy Coverage Formula, Dayna's Blushes

I just got my last Silk Naturals order a few days ago and today mixed up some of the Heavy foundation formula with my current jar of the original light coverage formula. The mix I made was 6:2:6 of Ivory:Buttery Gold:Ebony. I did this twice to even out the 12 scoops of Ivory Light Coverage in my current jar.

I think this made my mix sort of a Medium Coverage, right (Light + Heavy)? However, when I tried it out on my face the effect was sooo much better than the original SN foundation. More coverage definitely. What more if I just used the Heavy formula straight on it's own. This is such good news!!!

I also tried out some of the blushes Dayna sent with my order before from her own line of Dayna's Minerals. I tried Empress' New Clothes (pinky-brown) which I initially thought didn't show up on me. It is really an e/s but Dayna said she uses it as a blush, too. I added a second layer and took a closer look. The blush colored my face without looking like a "blush" but like a contouring powder. It really was pretty.

Next one I tried out was Coral Breeze (coral with slight pink finish). Now this is really pretty, too. Usually, these shades don't show up or look good on me but this one did. It wasn't too bright and with just one layer it showed up. Dayna's blushes sure are pigmented.

I applied these 2 blushes using my Lumiere flat-top brush as an experiment. I was amazed that the blushes looked airbrushed on me. Maybe because of the buffing. I'll try it out again another day.

I'll post pictures once I transfer them to the PC although they don't really look good (my face was shiny) coz I was just experimenting in the late afternoon and in a very hot and humid weather.

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