Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mail Day: Birthday Packages

Another mail day for me. These are actually my "birthday gifts" but they just arrived since I ordered them during the July 4th sales and the 3rd was my b-day.

Silk Naturals: This package I got a couple of days ago with a review in the previous post. I got a refill bag of the Heavy Formula (not in photo), a sample jar of Tempt Tryst bronzer (not in photo), 2 lippies and 2 solid perfume samples.


Swatch of the lippies; Berry Crush on the left and Rare Berry on the right.

with flash
without flash

I thought Rare Berry would come out a bit strong but it's not. I actually like it. Too bad it's not a permanent line. I hope Karen finds the missing recipe for Rare Berry. And like the other lipglosses from SN, they are all very moisturising on the lips and not sticky.

I like the Fresh solid perfume since it's a citrus smell -- grapefruit. Tease was okay (vanilla and tea something scent) but it really didn't stand out for me. I haven't tried them out for a full day to say if the scent lasts long though. Will re-try it again.

Dreamworld: I got FS of Angel and Cafe Au Lait creme toppings both in clay/silica formula which work wonderfully for my oily skin. I also got a FS of Blushing Werewolf, an LE blush.



I had a sample before of Peanut Butter creme topping but it turned out to be a bit dark on me. It could be used as a contour powder though. Good thing it was the lighter version of Peanut Butter I got which is Cafe Au Lait. And all along I thought it was Butter that I ordered (memory gap, LOL!). I now have 3 fullsized jars of the Creme Toppings and I want to get some other shades. Too bad I ordered before they changed the jars to 30 gr. ones. The ones I have were in the 20 gr. jars.

Lauress: I got the Trio Kit of fullsizes in Pure Yellow Minimalist, Fantastic Finish in Medium and Chiffon Enhancer.


This came as a freebie: Star Light e/s in Deja Vu.

Deja Vu
Lauress foundation in the Minimalist formula (with only 4 or 5 ingredients) is one of my HG foundations because it stays on well on my oily skin. It is also one of the most photogenic mineral makeup I've ever used. Definitely one of my best buys that this package is the 1st of 2 FS foundations I got while they were on sale. The other one is coming in a week or 2. (I hoarded while I can).

LA Minerals: these are all sample baggies for $1 each, free shipping anywhere in the world. I haven't tried any of them yet but I will in the next few days.

LA Minerals

In photo are the following samples; top row L-R: Bronzed Babe in Lit Up, Lush Blush in Pimped Mauve, On Stage Illuminizer; bottom row L-R: Oil Control Mattifying Powder in Medium, Hollywood Face Base Untinted, Hollywood Face Base in Medium Warm and Medium Dark Warm. Hoping these turn out good as well as the others :-)

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