Sunday, July 6, 2008

Kid's Party FOTD & A Bonding Activity

Went to my hubby's niece's 1st birthday party this afternoon. Actually, we both have the same birthdate.



Bare Naturals S5 Primer
Sweetscents' Hide-A-Pore MEd-Dark
Lauress Pure Yellow Minimalist foundation
Cory Light Violet Finalizer
Joppa Finishing Silk Medium
AL Coquille powder in Nectarine on cheeks and undereye area
Blush: Meow Firefly blush (I forgot what shade)
Dayna's Minerals Glow in Whisper Pink on cheeks and nosebridge
Lips: AL Wallflower Color Creme



UDPP primer
SN Sleep in a Jar all over lid
Pureluxe Golden Sands from lashline to crease
Pureluxe Harmony on crease and outer V
Dayna's Minerals glow in Golden Zephyr as highlight on browbone


Started a family bonding activity this morning: Brisk Walking!!!
We went early this morning to a University's grounds where you'll see lots of people biking, jogging or walking during weekends. Had a great time and I know it is beneficial to our health. Going around the main grounds was a 2.2 km distance and I went 2 rounds (4.4 km). My mom went 3 rounds and my hubby and DD went on 1.5 rounds since my DD got tired. Next time we'll just bring along her bike so we can go faster.

Now I need to get me some Dry-Fit tops for brisk walking LOL!

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